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Meet The Team

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Joanne McIntyre OT, MS (Psych)

PhD Candidate

I have a passion for learning and understanding the neurophysiological and biomechanical underpinnings for emotions, behaviour and physical abilities. I love to merge different knowledge areas to help us better understand the physical, mental health and neurological challenges children and adults experience. Through understanding challenges in the underlying nervous system, we are better able to support strategies to achieve optimal health and wellbeing across diverse conditions.

The Polyvagal Theory provides a framework to help individuals and families understand and connect their autonomic nervous system with their psychology and behaviour. The SSP acoustic intervention provides a gateway into the autonomic nervous system to help regulate and facilitate change. 

I am so excited to launch the SSP podcast. Please join me on this journey.........

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John Holmes, PT

John is Co-Director at Integrated Listening Australia. We can thank John for his patience and attention to detail for editing all the podcasts. John will feature as a co-host at times in different episodes.

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